Handmade Spirit / Whisky Dispenser

Limited Edition Spirit / Whisky Dispenser
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Limited edition handmade spirit / whisky dispenser. 

As seen in the Observer Magazine. Hurry only 37 left.

Hand made in the UK by our master glassblowers this unique spirit / whisky dispenser is crafted upon an antique pharmacy 19th century design. There will be a maximum of 100 produced in this style. 


The dispensers are hand blown using borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. A high precision glass tap allows control over pouring your perfect measure. Due to the contents coming into contact with only glass no contamination can occur which tends to happen when alcohol comes into contact with metals and rubber. Your favourite tipple will taste as it did when you poured it out of the bottle!

 whisky dispenser   whisky dispenser   whisky dispenser   whisky dispenser


24 Carat Gold Decoration

Each decanter will be decorated with their own unique number e'g. 21 of 100 in 24 carat gold. We can also add a name, message or your own design to make the dispenser a truly personal gift. Simply email / attach your design upon ordering and we will advise on what is achievable. 

 gold personalisation   gold personalisation   gold personalisation


Authentic Period Packaging

The dispenser comes packed in cotton bags in a wood crate which is filled with stray to protect it. It comes supplied with a certificate of authenticity including the unique product number. 

 packaging   packaging   packaging